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Welcome, fellow Bingers!

May 24, 2012

Welcome to Game Binge!

My name is Nick aka stuBEEF and, like many of you out there, I binge-game frequently.

Why do I binge? Oh, how to articulate this in just a mere breath of words. Let’s say games present so much motion on a screen that is able to encourage our participation and serve as an alternate reality.

Perhaps this alternate reality offers rounded faces and bright whatchamacallits, and sometimes, that alternate reality looks pixelated and uses a color palette reminiscent of what one might find in a dumpster. Regardless, games have a tendency of drawing us in and keeping us engaged in their realities for endless hours. With each button combo and character we press “X” to speak with, we lose track of time and put many of our real-world matters behind us.

We can even learn from some of the worlds that games immerse us in. We might refine our knowledge of World War II history, improve our logic skills through complex puzzles, or discover through trial-and-error how to defeat a previously unidentified species of dragon. With video games, binging is bliss!

I hereby invite you to let out your inner gamer and to express what makes you binge.


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